About Murrah

What is Murrah?

Murrah Buffalo is a most productive water buffalo breed.Murrah buffalo is jet black in colour, sometimes with white markings on the face or legs. Eyes are black, active and prominent in females but slightly shrunken in males and should not be walled i.e. cornea should not have whiteness. Neck is long and thin in females and thick and massive in males. Ears are short, thin and alert

Murrah buffalo yield ranges in the range 2500 to 3600 Kgs per lactation. The lacatation period is usually 280 to 310 days which is comparatively longer than other buffaloes.The elite Murrah buffalo produces above 18-liter milk per day. The fat percent and SNF percent are also higher than other buffalo varieties and double than that of cow's milk.

A Full grown Murrah bulls have a typical weight of 900-1000 KgMurrahBulls/ buffaloes are resistent to diseases and easily adapts to south indian climatic conditions. All these factors make Murrah Buffaloes highly suitable for professional and orgainzed dairy farming. We are specialists in supplying high yielding MurrahBulls/Buffaloes at nominal costs from our esteemed Farm.

Breed Characteristics of Murrah Buffalo

Origin & Breeding Tract

Its home tract stretches around the southern parts of Haryana and the Union Territory of Delhi. However, this breed has spread to almost all parts of the country and is being bred either in pure form or is being used as improver breed for grading up local buffaloes. In fact, this breed has even found and important place in the livestock industry of many developing countries like Bulgaria, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, former USSR, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brazil and Shri Lanka.

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